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We’re growing in all the right directions by following all the right paths. We are the processor, exporter and supplier of frozen vegetables & fruits like Peas, Sweet Corn, French Beans, Colored Capsicum, Spinach, Baby Okra, Okra Slices, Yellow Carrot, Strawberry etc. While our commitment to quality is unchallenged, we continually develop and implement more-efficient techniques and innovate the existing ones to aid our exceptional produce.

Our setup stands amidst the pristine surroundings at the foothills of the mountains at Mauza Nangal Khurd, Tehsil Haroli, District Una, H.P. It is located strategically near the growing regions, which allows us to harvest and quick-freeze raw product within a maximum of six hours. A market presence in the Cold storage & frozen food segment and maintenance of the highest quality standards have given Frozen Delight, a competitive edge in the market. It is the consistency in taste and superlative quality of our ready-to-use foods over a period that have fetched us the trust and confidence of a large number of global customers.

Multi-Chamber Frozen and Cold Storage
IQF Capacity 2.5 MT/Hrs
Frozen Storage 3000 MT
Cold Storage 6000 MT
Individually Quick System

Mauja Nangal Khurd, Tehsil Haroli, Distt. Una, H.P.
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From Major Airport
New Delhi : 325 KMS
Chandigarh : 100 KMS
Ludhiana/Jalandhar : 100 KMS